Why are social media experts quitting Facebook?

On one of my last days in San Francisco, I met with Gov 2.0 Radio host and social media practitioner Adriel Hampton or @AdrielHampton on Twitter for an early morning chat before he headed to work at the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office.

I wasn’t too surprised when Hampton told me he recently canceled his Facebook account. He expressed concerns about Facebook’s growing “anti-democratic” actions.

One of the nation’s leading social media users, the Bay Area resident is joining other high-tech heavy weights in quitting Facebook over privacy concerns. He is part of a growing chorus of influential tech users and privacy advocates leaving Facebook over the social network’s latest privacy flap.

Last week, Leo Laporte, a hugely popular tech podcaster and radio host, deleted his Facebook page live on his show.

I’ve been thinking about whether I should join the “Quit Facebook Day” protest May 31, which happens to be the day after my birthday. Perhaps on that day, it’ll be the birthday of my privacy being restored — sans Facebook. 

It’s easy to join the online protest May 31. Facebook users have posted information on how to bid farewell to Facebook for good.

What do you think? Are you quitting Facebook or are you willing to tolerate the social networking site’s latest privacy gaffe? Or is leaving Facebook akin to trying to quit smoking — you want to, but just cannot?

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