Which U.S. athlete at London Olympics is winning social media gold?


U.S. soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo ranks among the most influential Olympian on social media.

It should come as no surprise that NBA star LeBron James takes the gold for most influence on social media influence among American Olympians.

Rounding off the medal stand: swimmer Michael Phelps and soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo with silver and bronze medals respectively.

Solo generated some headlines with a Twitter rant lambasting former teammate Brandi Chastain’s commentary for NBC.

The infographic on American athletes at the London 2012 Olympics exerting their social media muscles comes from PeopleBrowsr, which compiled data using its Kred influence measurement tool.

The unique algorithms measure Twitter reach and influence along with the engagement levels of these Olympians with their followers.

James finishes first at 999 with Phelps and Solo both garnering 977 on a 1,000-point influence scale. However, Phelps outpaces Solo with a slightly higher engagement rating.

With the prolific use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media tools among both athletes and fans, the worldwide sporting spectacle is being called the world’s first social media Olympics.

Measuring social media influence has become especially relevant for the London 2012 Olympics for brand exposure for advertisers and viewer engagement for fans.

Social media’s prominence has skyrocketed since the Beijing Summer Games and Vancouver Winter Games.

Broadcasters such as NBC and the BBC along with worldwide brands, the International Olympic Committee, athletes, reporters and celebrities have accelerated their social media presence to take advantage of the dynamic social web.

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