Get your kicks on my new website

It’s only fitting I launch my new website on Route 66 with this music slideshow. The historic road is the symbol of freedom of travel and adventure. I can’t think of a more perfect icon of the best of Americana — past and present.

America’s treasured roadway also is a perfect symbolism for my own American journey. On April 30, 1926, officials dedicated Route 66 in Springfield, Mo. My family and I fled war-torn Vietnam on April 30, 1975. The nostalgic roadway is my on-ramp into the America of my present and future.

I look forward to sharing with you my thoughts and experiences on this new website. Topics range from best practices in marketing and communications to social media trends as well as travel and adventure to fantastic food finds.

I’m also excited to hear your comments and look forward to experiencing these wonderful adventures together.

Please join me in saluting the best of America’s past and recognizing that her future is even brighter. I look forward to all the wonderful treasures that greet all of us along America’s on- and off-ramps. Remember, life’s short, so live big!

Have you driven on Route 66? I’d love to hear about your favorite roadtrip on this roadway or any other highway in the U.S. What made it so memorable?

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  • Ted, you’re so cute in your video and your site is great! Perfect combination of informational, inspirational and uniquely you. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing and the Route 66 theme is very cool as well. Congrats on the official launch of your site and I look forward to all that you’ll post in the future!

    • Debbie,

      Thanks for the compliments to my new website. I’m so thrilled that we’ll be working together as board directors for the Social Media Club of Orange County. I can’t think of the prefect pair to do superb work.

  • Ted,

    Awesome new site. Really like the Route 66 video. You’re one creative dude!


    • Bob,

      Thanks for the visiting the new site and posting the nice comment. I love making slide shows and sharing cool content. Looking forward to our fall workshops!

  • Wow, Ted, really nice looking site (love the “uncap my social networks”)! Look forward to what you have to share!

    • I tried calling you in your office rather than communicating with you via Twitter and blogging. How quaint, I know!

      Just wondering if you’d be available to come down to SoCal for a social media workshop Nov. 9. Your expertise in the Gov 2.0 radio world would be a perfect complement to the learning opportunity.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your new website Ted! Yes, for me it was Depeche Mode doing a cover of Route 66 in my college days that sparked a road trip returning home from college in Massachusetts taking pictures of cities and landmarks mentioned in the song…I need to get those photos out and make an Animoto to complement yours!

    Seriously though, love the messaging, and I also intend to Live Big! Really looking forward to the progression of your website as well as all of the activities and relationships we are fostering together here in Orange County.

    And your video and story also remind us of an age where the government took on ambitious projects, like the creation of Route 66, to spur us to get on the road, see the country, and connect. Although that spirit is missing these days, I believe that with every social media event we host or attend we are as close as possible to reliving the dream of Route 66…

    Keep blogging, my friend!

    – Neal

  • Love it, Ted! Looks great and I can’t wait to see more!

    Route 66 is on my to-do list (although I’ve passed it!) I need to do the infamous trip and take in all the great historic sights. (One of many sights on my “bucket list”!) 🙂

    Looking forward to engaging here!


  • Carolyn Baker

    Ted, I love it. Your website it fantastic. You inspire me. I can’t wait to see what is next.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


  • Congratulations on the launch (and wonderful design) of your new site, Ted. Who’s responsible for that great topper and those social bottle caps?

  • Ted, this is awesome! I love the direction you’ve taken and look forward to following along.

  • Congrats, Ted. Great job on your new site… love how you’ve meshed your personal background, your profession in transportation, and the symbolism of the very American road ahead, full of possibilities. Looking forward to the trip w you…

  • Ted the site looks AMAZING!! Congrats on the new adventure. I look forward to riding along! Thanks for everything you do for the Orange County social media community.

  • Congrats on the new site, Ted! I am floored by how nicely designed this site is (uncluttered, great colors, symbols, the Rout 66 theme)…but at the same time, I’m not surprised I’d get something like this. You’re a marketing/communications/audience genius! I look forward to continued exciting content, and more of Ted!


  • Great site Ted, even from my iPhone I can see it perfectly and navigate with ease! Looking forward to your posts!

  • Priscilla @shescookin

    Wow! Love the new Route 66 look! I’ve seen the worn bottle cap SM icons and they work really well with your theme. As always, love your song selection – upbeat, just like you 🙂 Look forward to your future posts!

  • Ted Congratulations on your new site launch! I love it! I love how you incorporated your passion for PR, Social Media Travel and Foooood! Excellent videos. Looking forward to more Posts & Tedbits.

  • Twee Pham


    So, this is your new pet project! Congratulations on a job well done. I notice that you’ve got your hands on an iPad => now you are complete and you can be even more social. Or, could that be even possible?

    The Animoto video rocks! you’re getting really good now.

    Life is short! Hang out with smart people and live big!

  • Wow Ted, I’m really impressed! I love the rustic feel of the website, and the colors all go really well together. You seem to have all of the elements in place – easy navigation, social buttons, theme, a welcome video message, and subjects that are all very Ted Nguyen!

    What I’d love to do (and maybe I missed it) is be able to get your blog posts via email. Is that possible? I would also recommend putting a Facebook Share button up there with the Retweet button. You can find it by typing ‘facebook share’ into the plugins section of WordPress.

    That’s such a cool image at the top, and the video is awesome!

  • Neat! You’re blog is always filled with so much fun! =)

  • Ted…this release of your new site is…well…BITCHIN! Dig the colors, theme and ease of navigation. Always impressed with your energy and commitment. Sure would like to sit down with you and learn. Look forward to seeing and reading your post!

  • Nice! Working on mine too…finally have a little time. I love the socialmedia buttons!

  • DUDE!!!!! I love everything about this site.
    AMAZING design.
    Love the Route 66 Slideshow!
    I love the story. You’re such an inspiring patriot!
    Thank you!

  • From one transportation PR guy to another, kudos to you Ted for launching your new site. I like the theme and look forward to the content.
    As far as sharing best road trip…. mine was 1996, when I quit my job in Michigan to head to California. Took only what I could fit in my Saturn car, and traveled no highways. For one month I traversed roads rarely taken, slept in remote parks, bathed in streams, hiked incredible areas, and climbed mountains, not knowing where the road would take me. It’s been a long time since then, but it was the ultimate road trip, one that changed my life.
    All the best Ted

  • Ted, as always, you exceed expectations! Your site inspires me to DRIVE INTO web marketing success. I wanna build my own blog/site now – love your wizardry with WordPress.

    Keep on CRUIZIN’ the web!

  • John Lusher

    My most memorable road trip was actually a bus trip! Greyhound to be exact, and I was nine years old. It was one year after my father passed away and my mother decided to take us to Florida. So me, my sister and mother road a Greyhound bus to visit family in Tampa. Twenty-four hours on a bus to Tampa and back a week later…that was an adventure!

    I think that was where I learned to meet new people and started becoming interested in what they did; where they were from, etc. It was fun and I haven’t stopped meeting people since!


  • J Steele

    Love your new site Ted!
    Ok, Road trip: just before i was engaged i wanted my parents to meet my girlfriend so we grabbed three friends and hit the road driving non-stop to Nebraska in a converted camper van. We were young and crazy so we changed drivers as the van was moving (not as hard as you might imagine). I have two specific memories. One is driving through Utah at sunrise going 100mph. The beauty and the thrill were a great combo. The second memory is stealing gas in Colorado. It wasn’t intentional! It was just that we were all tired from driving nonstop and we had been rotating to pay for gas. When we filled up again in Nebraska we figured that no one had paid in Colorado – ooops. Maybe that’s why you pay before you pump now 🙂

  • Rochelle Veturis

    Love the new site Ted! It’s so thoughtful, and so you. I really appreciate how you lead by example; this is the mark of a true leader and thoughtful communicator. Keep shining.

  • Ted~this website is fantastic! Easily navigable, fun, hip and cool! You should be very proud of it! Looking forward to lots of posts and activity here:-)

    NO exciting road trip story for you…I’d rather fly;-)


  • Ted, love the concept and the creative is great. You never stop amazing me. Where the heck do you get the time and energy? All the best in everything you do!

  • This site is impressive! I’m learning so much from you already. Thank you so much.