VietFace TV puts tech touch to Paris by Night


The DVD of the worldwide popular Paris by Night music production came out today. My Mom from Salt Lake City is visiting and of course, we stood in line to snatch one to see what we already saw at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas months ago during the variety show’s taping.

This is an interview conducted in Las Vegas, Nevada during a taping of Paris by Night 104 called “Beginnings” with more than 14,000 audience members watching performances of the largest Vietnamese entertainment productions in the world. Thuy Nga, which owns Paris by Night, launched VietFace TV to provide around-the-clock news and entertainment with the worldwide Vietnamese community.

In this interview, VietFace TV Chief Technology Officer Hung Phan shares the new network’s initiative to stream content and more effectively utilize social media to engage with younger audiences worldwide.

For more details about the cultural powerhouse that is Paris by Night, check out the extensive article from the OC Weekly, “We’ll Always Have Paris.”

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