The Latest in Marketing Strategy: Wearables Edition



The wearables market will grow at a compound annual rate of 35 percent over the next five years, according to a report from BI Intelligence. And by 2019, they predict 148 million units will be shipped every year.

Marketing for wearables is still in its infancy, however; we’re still figuring out what’s working and what’s not. Here’s an overview of how some wearables and marketers are approaching the emerging market.

Think health

Wearable tech has seen booming success around the fitness and health care industry. Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S2 tap into that desire to monitor and manage health while offering ease and ability to customize the look of their wearable.

Both devices help users track their steps, stairs and even sleep while tracking your heartbeat and pulse. Samsung can work as a stand-alone device while Apple runs on multiple apps and offers more color and finish options.

Samsung’s watch automatically tracks your workout as soon as you start without any input. It’s a good choice for consumers who just want to track their activity without setting up long-term goals and spend much time preparing for a leisurely jog.


Focus on disconnect

Beyond health monitoring, wearables can be marketed to those who are struggling with disconnect and are looking for a bridge. Focus on what smartphones can’t offer that wearables can. To start, wearing a smartwatch means you’re always connected to directions, text messaging and phone calls without needing to actually hold your smartphone.

Running out for a quick coffee while wearing a smartwatch means you don’t need to pack up your smartphone, constantly check for alerts or worry about dropping it.

Wearables could also alert your family or colleagues that you’re running late simply by monitoring your distance and traffic conditions. The more wearable technology can fill in gaps where you’re not connected to the information or outreach you need, the more customers will respond.

Reward activity

Wearable technology offers an intimate amount of information and data about its users. Nike used such data to see how their customers used their Fuelbands or apps. At the end of the year, they honored 100,000 of their most loyal users in animated films to showcase their athletic achievements.

GoPro’s entire wearable technology model is based around its users capturing amazing videos whether while surfing or skydiving. Some GoPro amateur filmmakers have developed careers around the success they’ve found shooting innovative videos like sending a balloon and GoPro into the stratosphere.

Make your wearable technology campaign around rewarding users. Honor their accomplishments and feats and showcase how they utilize your technology with the world.


Localize your marketing

Marketers are already using local marketing, beacons and near-field communication to attract consumers walking by with a smartphone. A customer on the way to a coffee shop a few blocks away might get an alert from your coffee and chocolate shop just a few feet away to come in for a limited time promotion.

Marketers can build on this concept of hyper-localized marketing to attract the type of customers who would wear a smartwatch. A customer jogging by might receive an alert for a free bottle of water and one-hour sale at a sporting good store a few blocks away.

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