Social Media Day Celebrates Innovation, Results and Friendships


I am teaming up with one of my favorite social media partners, public relations director Rochelle Veturis, to celebrate the 2nd annual Social Media Day activities at the Orange County Register.

I first called Rochelle “the Twitter queen” at one of the first social media panels I hosted with other social media pioneers — Morgan Brown of the Social Media Club of Orange County, micro-blogger Mark Davidson, L.A. Times reporter Tami Abdollah, Twitter author Deborah Micek and then-Dana Point City Councilman Joel Bishop.

It seemed such a long time ago since that summer of 2009 when the amazing “power panel” provided such key insights on the potential and power of social media. And if you’re actively engaged in real-time social media, you now realize that pioneering panel back then forecasted how business owners, celebrities, politicians and others would embrace Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other new media to cultivate and transform relationships.

Milestone moments from the uprisings in North Africa and in the Middle East, Facebook reaching 700 million users and Anthony Weiner’s high-profile political free-fall from the inappropriate use of Twitter demonstrate how social media is becoming embedded into our daily personal and professional lives.

In advance of Social Media Day, I asked some of my favorite professionals in Southern California about their social media moment.

I am excited to join hundreds gathering 3 to 6 p.m. Thursday, June 30 for the Mashable-inspired Social Media Day. The Orange County Register’s social media lead, Kevin Sablan, has organized another action-packed and meaningful event at the headquarters of the Orange County Register, 625 N. Grand Ave. in Santa Ana.

Look for Rochelle and me as we capture the afternoon’s event. But more importantly, we’re looking forward to meeting you and chatting with you on how social media is impacting our lives.

What was your social media moment? And let me know what you think the next social moment will be.

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