News reporter’s touch breaks ice sculpture


Photo courtesy of the Orange County Register

The new Ice Museum at the Orange County Fair is wildly popular. Or you can say it’s … ahem … a smashing success.

KOCE-TV’s David Nazar interviewed an ice sculptor for the fair in Costa Mesa, Calif. as part of the public TV station’s special feature, celebrating the nearly one-month community event whose future was in jeopardy because of California’s budget woes.

The state sold the fairgrounds property to help put a dent into the massive state budget deficit. Fortunately, Orange County’s elected officials, community members and business leaders are joining forces to fend off the sale.

Journalists are often accused of being too superficial and not really get into the trenches of a news story. You can’t blame Nazar for trying. Proof? You’ve got to see what happens when he touches the ice sculpture that Roland Hernandez had painstakingly carved for eight hours.

This video has gone viral since it was posted Aug. 2, generating more than 1 million views on YouTube. That’s the approximate number of people who are expected to visit the O.C. fairgrounds, making the Orange County Fair the nation’s 9th largest.

I’ve gotten some calls and e-mails from people who know that I closely work with Huntington Beach, Calif.-based KOCE-TV. They are all wondering if it truly happened.

Judging from the smile of the reporter and the ice artist’s reaction, I wasn’t sure myself, so I left a voicemail with the reporter.

Until I get the social media scoop, what do you think? Do you think this was “breaking news” or did they stage it to elicit some good ‘ole laughs?

If you get the inside story, let me know. Perhaps, it’s true and Nazar is still recovering from his icy encounter with the Anaheim-based museum. I’d love to hear what you think.

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